hi im sana welcome to my website if  you need any friendship advice come here or if you are a friend   of mine just come to have fun on my site like i am writing this short itroduction  wwooooooohoooooo.


some friends can be really mean like stealing your other friends creating a club and your friendship was all a set up.
walk away heal that pain get new friends that you trust.
you might not be with the huge popular  but at least your happy and that beats all.
if a friend ever says something you do not like and wont stop tell some one its the only thing you can do if it keeps on happening.
get a huge bully that will make the person shut up.
but thats not the way to handle it get a teacher or a parent.
hey will walk the person through all the steps and soon everything will go back to normal.
    :)LOVE SANA   

family what are we gonna do

some cousins just arent nice they can always be mean but always know its not your fault its thiers  if they do something mean to you tell someone dont hold it in let it go its never your fault.and sometime when you get sad they can make you feel better.
moms they can be so embarassing  but when you get sad they can always comfort you.
see there is all kinds of good in people you just have to look in the right places.
       :)LOVE SANA